The Monster – Blade of Darkness

The Monster – Blade of Darkness

19.95  incl. Mwst

AUTOR: Alexander Iscenco
ISBN (Print): 978-3-9503713-8-3
ISBN (E-Book): 978-3-9503713-9-0

The Monster: Blade of Darkness – RUSSIAN
ISBN (Print): 978-3-9503878-6-5
ISBN (E-Book): 978-3-9503878-7-2

The Monster: Blade of Darkness – UKRAINIAN
ISBN (Print): 978-3-9504217-1-2
ISBN (E-Book): 978-3-9504217-2-9

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Travelling to a mysterious island in the middle of the ocean, trip to the jungle full of life, meeting the local tribe of Sololeadas, investigating of disappearance and death of people on the island, hunting an enigmatic dinosaur-like animal, experiencing romantic adventures and last but not least discussing about Nature and its interrelations with mankind – all this awaits you in the first novel of „The Monster“ trilogy by Alexander Iscenco entitled „The Monster: Blade of Darkness.“

Alexander Iscenco, who is also active in the field of environmental protection and has an educational background in ecology, has managed to weave his two passions together to bring readers a tale that not only thrills, but has a message with strong societal resonance. It’s a wonderful balance of action, science, and philosophy. The Monster: Blade of Darkness was also published in Russian and Ukrainian.

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